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Hi there! I am Chris Zachary.

I am an experienced motion designer, with emphasis on direction and animation. I am based out of Manhattan, Kansas (the lesser known but better Manhattan.)

I am currently also available for freelance and consulting work through my creative studio, Pivvot. Pivvot specializes in visual storytelling through motion design for explainer videos, advertisements, and other branded content. It is your solution for communicating clearly to your audience…for telling your story.

Want to get in touch? Email me: chris@pivvot.co

From the early days of drawing with crayons to the discovery of motion design and video, I have always been passionate about creating art. My greatest desire is to create beautiful work that is meaningful and that helps others.

Find me online.

Twitter: @istheonlychris

Dribbble: @itstheonlychris

Instagram: @itstheonlychris